How to pack your life into 40kg

9 days to go and there isn’t much left to do apart from pack. Seems simple enough if you’re going to Uni in the UK… as long as you can fit your stuff into a car then you can’t have too much right? Sadly studying abroad is shaping up to be a bit more complicated. Since Harriet (my totally amazing and beautiful sister) is getting married the day before I leave, the best option seemed to be to fly with all my luggage. The maximum I could take with the airline was 40 kg plus 8 kg of hand luggage. To put that into perspective that’s approximately 48 litres of water, 48,000 paper clips, 96 loaves of bread, about 92% of my own body weight, or 336 apples. Clearly I’m not planning on packing my suitcases full of fruit, nor will I need quite so many paper clips, but you get the picture.

In fact, most of my stuff seems to fit into three categories:

Absolute essentials:


Things I want to pack but can’t:


And people I wish were coming with me:


So if you happen to be in Manchester airport on the 30th of August then keep your eyes peeled for a short-ish blonde girl trying to get a cat through airport security.

I’m not actually going to ‘Holland’

If you’re reading this then hopefully you’ve decided to follow me on this strange, exciting, terrifying blogging experience– yippee!

I recently became aware that the terms ‘Holland’ and ‘the Netherlands’ are not actually interchangeable. The Netherlands has 12 provinces kind of like the UK has England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Two of these provinces are called North Holland and South Holland. If I was going to The Hague or Amsterdam then it would be fair to say that I’m going to Holland, however since I’m going to Utrecht (which is a province in itself) then I have in fact been lying to many of you, for which I am deeply sorry.

Still need things clearing up? Check this out– 

p.s my posts are sure to become much less informative from here on out. I promise.

Here we go…

For those of you who don’t know, I am about to head off to Utrecht School of Economics (Utrecht University) to study a BSc in Economics and Business Economics.

I’m writing this blog mainly for friends and family who are interested in keeping up to date with what I’ll be doing as a few people suggested it to me and I couldn’t think of a good enough reason not to.

With exactly two weeks to go this whole going to Uni in the Netherlands thing is starting to feel very real! I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about blogging about it but here we go…