Fourth Place

So you came in fourth place, you probably put in the same amount of effort as a medallist and maybe if the wind was blowing a slightly different direction it would’ve been you on that podium, but today it just wasn’t meant to be. Then somehow, you figure fourth place isn’t so bad.

In fact, I would argue that it is really the very best place to be.

In September 2015 I moved to study in the ‘gezellig’ Dutch city that is Utrecht; the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, from Sheffield; the fourth largest city in England. These two lovely cities have a lot in common Continue reading “Fourth Place”

What’s the big Ikea?

So you spent first year in a fully furnished, probably overpriced, SSH room. But what happens when the reality of second year hits and, in typically Dutch fashion, you move into a completely bare room?

Well, the Dutch don’t necessarily have the answer, but the Swedes do.

Chances are, if you’re Dutch then your parents can help you out moving some furniture from home or picking something up from Marktplaats. For international students however, the reality of furnishing an entire room is a significantly more daunting task. The solution: a day trip to the flat pack heaven that is IKEA. Continue reading “What’s the big Ikea?”

Post-Brexit Blues

Nearly two months after the verdict and I’m finally writing this blog.

It’s not a post that I take great (or any) pleasure in writing. Nevertheless, I feel that I owe some follow up comments, given my post before the vote.

Like many people I know, my immediate reactions were that of shock, sadness and anger. Even the city I was born and grew up in voted to leave by a majority of 51%. The day before the vote I stood up in front of my Macroeconomics tutorial class to give a presentation about the UK economy. I talked about how one of the polls predicted a 52-48 split in favour of ‘Leave’. I went on to say that such a result was highly unlikely; after all, nobody had correctly predicted the results of the Scottish independence referendum two years earlier, and these things were almost never right. The embarrassing truth was that just this once, they were. Continue reading “Post-Brexit Blues”

EU’ve got to be kidding me!

‘Brexit’: Britain’s exit from the EU, or the catchy name of a new breakfast cereal?

Ok but seriously, you can’t read the news lately without seeing something about the upcoming referendum, it’s the word on everybody’s lips (and social media pages)!  I’m not going to pretend to know much about politics but I do hope to offer my point of view as someone who is currently benefitting greatly from Britain’s membership of the EU.

First off, I would like to say that, if you haven’t already guessed it, I am 100% supporting the IN-campaign, it isn’t very often that I find myself agreeing with David Cameron but in this case I think he makes some good points. No, the EU isn’t perfect, but neither are the alternatives. Continue reading “EU’ve got to be kidding me!”

Flying Home for Christmas

The year is nearly over, but not until we’ve decorated our trees, sung a few carols, and stuffed our faces with more turkey and than we know is good for us. For me this year that has meant swapping the Econ girls for the KES girls, flatmates for parents, papernoten for gingerbread, Sinterklaas for Santa Claus, The Village Coffee and Music for Tamper Coffee, my bike for the car, miles of flat streets for the seven hills of Sheffield, and the flood management savvy Netherlands for a flooded UK. Continue reading “Flying Home for Christmas”